Advanced  Training

PART II ( Advanced Production of Foamed Concrete )

1. Properties of raw materials and other additives for lightweight foam concrete blocks.

 2. Detailed mix design, proportioning and trial mixing ( mix optimization, alternative material ratios using locally available materials) for foamed concrete block production.

3. Using Excel Program for mix design and optimization of foamed concrete mix

 4. Batching methods, procedures and timing of mix for block production.

5. Chemical premix dosing system and procedures.

6. Mixer components, Mixing procedures and timing of mix for dedicated mixers (LN Series ).

 7. General large volume mixing and Quality Control procedures (eg. batching, w/c ratio, control of density, mixing time, air supply and foam quantity).

8. Foaming procedures and timing for large volume mix ( using PM2 Advanced system with auto chemical dosing )

 9. Placement of foamed concrete for block making

10. Mold Systems, De molding and preparation and layout of molds for block making.

11. Sequence and timing of placement for block making.

12. Curing method and regimes for specific product.

13. Lifting, placing and packing of dry components

14. Method of fixing and finishing to foam concrete blocks ( coatings, jointing mortars & plasters) for specific product. 15. Testing of dry components ( cube tests and in-situ test )

16. Other ancillary equipment needed for foam concrete production such as rails, forklifts, loaders or pumps if needed. Advice on land area, curing regimes and cost saving aspects of making foamed concrete.

 17. Coating / Finishing systems for foamed concrete

18. Jointing Mortars & Methods

19. Consultancy on other tests such as fire and sound insulation / or for approval by local authorities

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